Organizations We Love!

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Project G.I.R.L is so excited to partner with Keystone Case Coalition For Advancing Sex Education! Their mission is to foster a happier and healthier generation by reforming sexuality education into a comprehensive and inclusive model that helps to prevent sexual violence, reduce sexually transmitted infections, and empowers young people with knowledge. We believe it is vital for comprehensive and inclusive sex education to be taught, and we are so excited to further work with Keystone Case and help support their cause.

The Girl and I

Project G.I.R.L is so excited to partner with The Girl and I! Their mission is to empower girls with skills for life through S.T.E.A.M experiences that challenge, motivate, and inspire them to grow the ‘I’ in their individuality. We believe that programs like The Girl and I are vital to building the early confidence of girls, and that early exposure to S.T.E.A.M projects helps build curiosity and life skills. You can read our interview with the CEO Gauri Kapoor and one of The Girl and I’s participants Mahika Chopra. We are so excited to work with them and support their cause for building the confidence and life skills of young girls.

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Sunrise Movement

Project G.I.R.L is proud to announce our partnership with Sunrise Movement! Their mission is to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process. After interviewing one of their traveling spokeswoman Maddy Feldman, Project G.I.R.L has supported Sunrise Movement in their efforts to support and pass legislation to ensure the future of our planet. We are so excited to work with Sunrise Movement and their army of young people and support their effort to stop global climate change through legislation and demonstrations!


Project G.I.R.L is so proud to announce our partnership with #MarchAgainstRevengePorn! Their movement, started by the extraordinary Leah Juliett, is an internationally-acclaimed cyber civil rights organization dedicated to combating the unlawful practice of revenge porn and image abuse through federal lobbying, cyber-sex education, media advocacy, victim support services & a series of nationwide protest marches. 90% of revenge porn victims are women, and they along with all other victims of revenge porn need to be protected. We are so excited to work with #MarchAgainstRevengePorn to bring justice to those affected and to stand with them!

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